More deals,
more often

With Smart Ease, your customers don’t pay a cent upfront. By removing the financial roadblocks, they can afford the smart equipment they want – and you can sell your technology with ease.

Higher-value sales

Just like mobile phone plans, your customers pay for their equipment over time in instalments. As a result, they will often be able to choose a larger solution that fits within their monthly budget.

Instant approvals. Faster payments.

With Smart Ease, lengthy approval times are a thing of the past. For every transaction up to $150K, we offer instant approval (with no financials)*. We also pay you in full within 48 hours of installation.

Easy online applications

Thanks to our easy online application process, you and your customers won’t drown in paperwork, complex calculations and endless financials. You’ll have everything you need – at the click of a button.

Four simple steps – that’s all it takes

Thanks to Smart Ease, your customers can afford the smart equipment they want – and you can close more sales, more often. It’s a true win-win.

Pitch &

Use our suite of online tools to prepare a compelling proposal within minutes – and apply for a payment plan with your prospect on the spot.


As soon as you submit the application, your prospect gets instant approval (for transactions up to $150K).*

Install the

You install the new equipment, then send your invoice and all supporting documentation to us.


We pay you in full within 48 hours.

Why our payment plans are so smart

From zero upfront costs to instant approvals, we take the financial pressure off your customers – allowing you to close sales more quickly

For equipment valued at $3K to $5M
Up to 5-year terms
Instant approval for transactions up to $150K (with no financials)
$0 upfront and highly competitive rates
Payments may be fully tax deductible

* Subject to credit criteria and approval.

We help New Zealand’s specialist suppliers and installers who sell

Building automation
AV & multimedia equipment
Communication equipment
Security & monitoring systems
Energy management technology

Give your customers a smarter payment solution

Discover how a Smart Ease plan can help your customers get the advanced equipment they need – a lot sooner than they think.