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Sydney Zoo goes solar

Rising energy costs pose a significant challenge for most Australian businesses. The iconic Sydney Zoo is no exception, grappling with costs that recently soared to unsustainable levels.

Spread across 41 acres and home to 4,000 animals, Sydney Zoo consumes a lot of power. Ensuring optimal aquarium temperature, heating the elephant pool and automating daily meerkat feeds are all highly energy-intensive activities – not to mention critical to the animals’ survival and comfort.

In response to their escalating energy expenditure, the management team at Sydney Zoo decided to explore the installation of a solar system. They engaged our Channel Partner Energy Australia to propose an effective solar solution.

Project snapshot

Industry: Zoo

Channel Partner: Energy Australia

271kW system comprising 603 Risen solar panels & 8 Sungrow inverters

Payment Plan Term: 120 months

CO2 saving: 200 tonnes in the first year

The Solution

Following a thorough assessment of the site and available roof space, Energy Australia proposed a 271kW system comprising 603 solar panels to be installed atop eight separate buildings.

To manage the cost of the installation, the Sydney Zoo team decided to use a Smart Ease Payment Plan, which allowed them to have the solar system installed without spending any of their own capital. Instead of the upfront lump sum payment, they would pay for the solar system in manageable monthly repayments.

The Win

On a sunny day, Sydney Zoo’s 271kW solar system is estimated to provide up to 50 per cent of the zoo’s total energy use. Beyond the considerable financial savings, this transition has resulted in a substantial reduction in Sydney Zoo’s carbon footprint. In its first year alone, the solar system is estimated to save 200 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

With a steadfast commitment to conservation, Sydney Zoo’s shift towards renewable energy solutions aligns seamlessly with its ethos.

The zoo has been able to operate as usual while saving on operational costs, significantly curb its environmental impact, and all while keeping its elephant pool at perfect bathwater temperature – a happy win for this iconic Australian destination!

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