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Close more deals with this killer sales hack

If the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’ resonates with you, you’ll love this killer sales hack inspired by one of our NZ Channel Partners. 

You’ll be surprised at the impact of this one simple tweak. Give it a try and track your success in closing solar sales – we’ll be amazed if you don’t notice an improvement!

Flip the script

When presenting a quote, timing, as they say, is everything.  

Early in the conversation, ask the customer about their plans to pay for the system  and let them know that you’ll be talking about payment solutions later. Leading with this exchange when presenting quotes can make a huge difference to your success in closing commercial deals. 

Not at the end of the conversation.  

Not when the customer is in a hurry.  

Not only if the customer asks about payment solutions.  

Instead of talking about cost at the end, open your customer conversations with payment solutions and completely change the dynamic. 

There’s no tense moment where prices are revealed towards the end, and the customer can go into the conversation more open to the solution you’re offering. 

sales hack

Of course, this means you can’t wait for potential customers to mention funding options  business owners may not think of discussing how they plan to pay for equipment with the person quoting them. This doesn’t mean cost isn’t a barrier. 

Adding fast, fuss-free funding solutions into every sales conversation at the start makes price objections a thing of the past. 

Is it really that simple? 

The best sales hacks are always simple.  

Beginning the conversation by letting your customers know that payment solutions are on offer is a small but significant difference.  

Installing solar no longer presents a large cost hurdle to overcome. Instead, it is revealed as the fuss-free option for reducing energy expenses that it can be with Smart Ease payment solutions. 

To learn more about the Smart Ease API, contact your Sales Director