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Wendy celebrates two years

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Brisbane-based Account Manager, Wendy Polglase, started with Smart Ease at a tumultuous time. After her first two days in the business, lockdowns hit.

But none of this fazed Wendy who was new to the industry and yet to meet a single channel partner. Her tenacity and energetic charm helped her forge strong and trusting relationships. Two years on, she reflects on this time.

What’s your highlight from your time at Smart Ease?

I love being able to help businesses achieve their sustainability and financial goals, as well as make the whole process easy. 

Time is precious. By making our processes simple and easy, saving both the end customer and our channel partner’s time, then we all win.

You started working at Smart Ease just as COVID hit. What helped you through?

Video conferencing and screen sharing!  Thank goodness for modern communication. 

Even though my face-to-face induction was cut short, I was still able to learn my role and keep in touch with channel partners via video. Who would have thought that we’d all be so used to video meetings as part of everyday life in 2022? Catchphrase: ‘You’re on mute’.

What makes you ‘show up’ for work each day?

I’m passionate about doing my bit to help the planet. 

I’m a bit of a closet greenie. I love the idea of giving businesses good reasons to add renewable energy solutions by helping our channel partners to offer solutions that really add up – financially, environmentally and socially.

What’s your mantra?

Am I allowed to say ‘fake it till you make it’?

[Editor’s note: Yes, Wendy, you are!]

Favourite movie?

Top Gun – great music, action-packed and a slice of the ’80s thrown in for good measure. Great decade!