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Smart Ease on OpenSolar: “I’ve got it all in one place”

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Back in March, we our launched our Payment Plans on OpenSolar. Six months on, many solar installers are embracing the benefits.

One such installer is Andrew Tuckey of Matrix Solar who is saving time by using OpenSolar as the one platform to manage proposals, pipeline and Smart Ease payment options.

As Andrew puts it, “It makes my life so much easier because I don’t have to deal with two different platforms… I’ve got it all in one place.”

Andrew explains how easy it is for customers to get solar for $0 up front: “When you’re quoting a system you literally design it up, put your price in and then click your payment option. Then you’ve got the option to send it straight through to the customer in a really neat proposal.”

“It notifies me every time the customer accesses the proposal. They’ve got the option to apply online through that same platform and start the process with Smart Ease… I know when the customer has accepted it and I know that they’ve accessed the Payment Plan option.”

OpenSolar is one of the market leading proposal tools that Smart Ease works with. Others include Pylon and Solar Plus. While each proposal tool has its own features, all of them have the capability to automatically add the Smart Ease payment plan pricing within a solar proposal. That way, prospective customers can see the how their electricity savings are relative to their payments. In many cases the system can pay for itself.

To learn more about Smart Ease (formerly Energy Ease) on OpenSolar, watch Andrew talk through the benefits and the difference it’s made to his business.