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Energy Ease’s evolution to Smart Ease

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An exciting change is in the air! 

To reflect the growing overlap between the energy industry and smart technologies, from 19 May 2022 our business will be known by the name Smart Ease.

As Smart Ease, we have a new brand identity and logo, and we’re launching a new website.

Our mission

As a business, our mission hasn’t changed: it’s still to help businesses transition towards renewable energy and smart technology – without the financial roadblocks.

Smart Ease will continue to be a trusted payment-solution provider for commercial-solar and energy-efficiency equipment and continue to provide our channel partners with same excellent service.

Why the change?

Back in 2014 when we started Energy Ease, it made sense to include ‘energy’ in our name because the renewable-energy space had little overlap with smart technologies. 

But growth in the renewable-energy sector is accelerating faster than ever, and there’s huge overlap between energy management and smart technology. Renewable energy is no longer just about solar panels, inverters and batteries – it’s also about the smart technology used to manage those things.

CEO Guy Olian notes that there are other related developments in the renewable-energy space. Increasingly, accessing financial benefits for participants of the smart-grid network means getting comfortable with smart tech.

“These days energy consumers, including business energy consumers, can now produce energy via with solar panels, share it and sell it. But that’s only made possible via all the smart and interconnected technologies that are becoming available.”

Looking after our Channel Partners

COO Rob Williams was quick to point out that Smart Ease’s Channel Partners could look forward to the same outstanding digital platform and customer service that they’re used to.

“Our Channel Partners are at the heart of everything we do,” said Rob.

“Our brand name and logo are changing, but everything else about our business will stay the same. Our Channel Partners can rely on our platform and people to deliver competitive rates, fast approval and a dynamic, responsive experience from start to finish.”

If you have any questions, please give your Account Manager a call, or contact us on 0800 795 695.