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5 tips for closing deals before EOFY

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With 30 June only weeks away, here are our top tips to help you close a few more deals – and get that bonus! 

1. Pull out an old favourite – the assumptive close

Dig out prospects that you’ve worked with a lot; the ones that you’re 100% sure have had the right solution designed and have had objections addressed in previous conversations.

Then give them a call to confirm system-installation dates in their diary – even if they haven’t yet signed on the dotted line. Everything in your manner and language implies that the way forward should be as obvious to them as it is to you.

2. Change the conversation

Rather than focussing on closing out the year, couch the conversation around their business goals and challenges for the next 12-24 months.

With gas and coal prices increasing rapidly, how will they deal with those increases?

How will their pricing model adapt? How do they believe their customers will react?

Realign your sales pitch to their longer-term needs.

3. Offer existing customers an audit

Touch base with existing customers who purchased a system in the last two to five years and complete a quick energy audit for them.

Has their business increased the size of its team, added a location or expanded its product range?

Have they invested in new plant? Office technology? Electric vehicles?

Is their existing solar system still meeting their energy needs?

They may be in the market to upsize their system due to changes in their business or energy use.

4. Revisit previous enquiries

Remember that customer you were speaking to about rising costs? And remember how they weren’t quite convinced on creating a natural hedge by installing solar?

Well, things have changed. Time to remind them that global energy prices are rising. Regulators in Australia and New Zealand have announced price increases – and that trend looks set to continue.

Installing solar will buffer customers from rising energy costs and reduce their exposure to grid volatility.

5. Remember your ABCs – Always Be Closing

Closing is possible at any stage of the sales process. Customer follow-ups and strategy sessions can present opportunities for an early sale. Listen for cues and be prepared!

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